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Yacht Charter Reviews

Testimonials and Recommendations

K.H. Germany/Berlin 10 / 10 S.Dogu
Was super nice !! Like: Everything 05.08.2019

Anthony G. Uae/Dubai 10 / 10 Didi
Be assured that I will highly recommend the services of your company. Like: Dear Hülya,
On behalf of my family, please accept my appreciation for the excellent job you have done over the past several months in preparing our cruise on board of the DiDi. It was a significant undertaking but went very smoothly and efficiently.
We indeed had an amazing time and will keep wonderful memories. If the design, comfort, and quality of the boat have been much appreciated, I have to say that the professionalism, kindness and outstanding service of the crew have made the difference.
I am in the communication and hospitality industry for 20 years and I can safely say that it’s rare nowadays to see this level of passion and dedication. This level of satisfaction would not have been possible without the captain’s leadership combined with the crew teamwork and energy. In this respect, I would like to highlight the performance of Okan, here cc, which the work and behavior were simply perfect. Each of them should take great pride in this accomplishment.
Be assured that I will highly recommend the services of your company in the future and notably cruising with the DiDi and its amazing team.
Sincerely yours, 05.08.2019

R.M. Spain 8.6 / 10 Ceo 3
The travel was really nice and we will repeat next year same boat or any other as good as this that you recommend us Like: I loved the boat and the places we visited and the food was very good. Dislike: The crew can't speak good English, Captain English very bad. He was always in a hurry and to wake up early and noisy when they do it. First day we went to the boat at 4:30 because the bus came late to look for us, then we were waiting until 6:45 because they were point petrol for dingy, this should be done in advance and charge us after but boat must be ready to leave at 15:30 so we enjoy the first day. Next day 6:30 am but I think there was no need that early. I have friends who visited Seminya and Datca in the evening like 7. He brings us at 4:30 pm so too hot to walk and visit. He wanted to do all very early and Knidos was windy and he didn't stop and brought us in another place that was windy also, so we could not visit Knidos. Then the next stop near Bodrum where they are going to open 4 seasons, and nothing to see and we spent last day there. Early in the morning wake up we arrived at Bodrum at 8:50 so we could not enjoy swimming after breakfast Neither So we lost 2 days and many mornings up very early when it was not necessary He can sail meanwhile breakfast also. Sea was calm so I don't know why so early everything Another point is that breakfast has to be served with everybody sitting in the table. I said to prepare and after we wake up kids so we have to wait for 15 min sitting for breakfast so I don't think is nice neither. The Chef was very good but he said he was not told about birthday cake and he made in last minute one very good. In the menu we had a snack but I had to ask him every day to make a cake and the time he gives us was like-7:30 -8 pm so just before dinner so we kept as the dessert of the dinner. He made 3 cakes after telling him every day so I think every day he had to prepare without repeating. We are healthy and not too much-eating people so they could be happy. Captain said Sirribir 2 days later to buy wine, was not true we only used 1 bottle by 2 days later and beers the same so even we didn't finish the 7 bottles that we ordered. I asked for lots of fruit that normally must be in the table but every time I had to ask the crew to cut melon or watermelon because there were only 1 day 2 bananas. Food was really nice and yummy but repeat everyday yogurt for lunch and dinner so if he sees we don't eat I don't understand why he repeats everyday same plate. I think the crew should speak good English they are very limited in the language. 05.08.2019

Luca Lombardo Italy/Milano 8.6 / 10 Luce Del Mare
Visit places where we were almost always the only boat is a beautiful experience, the service on board and the quality of the food made the trip perfect. Like: Boat experience in general, magical and uncrowded places, very attentive and courteous boat service, captain ready to understand our needs. We appreciated the chef who, despite cooking simple dishes, surprised us with his quality. Truly a nice vacation. Dislike: Comments to improve and not to dissatisfaction, value for money. Avoidable itinerary in Greece, both for places and length of formalities. The crew was extremely courteous and helpful but can improve their dining experience. One perceives more a "seafaring" experience than from a hotel. The boat is very functional and beautiful, although some parts are uneven compared to others. Eg where there is lunch there is a lot of plastic as furniture. Products in the bathroom, towels, plates and glasses very improved. 05.08.2019

S.B.M Tunis/Tunis 9 / 10 Elara 1
Very nice holidays for the little ones as for the big ones Like: The course, the captain's advice, the anchorage sites, the availability and kindness of the crew, the size of the cabins Dislike: Sometimes a bad smell in the cabins due to a toilet evacuation problem that was subsequently resolved. 29.07.2019

A.M. United States/New York 8.6 / 10 Bedia Sultan
Like: The gulet was amazing. Great layout with plenty of areas to lounge, eat, etc. The crew was great and very accomodating. We also really enjoyed the meals. Dislike: The only complaint would be that we would have liked more variety in our itinerary or options on where to sail. 27.07.2019

Kristie Romanos UAE/Dubai 7.3 / 10 Moss
Good Like: The gulet and the food Dislike: We did not sail which is ridiculous if you are renting a sailing boat. 26.07.2019