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Yacht Charter Reviews

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Robert Gass Perrinita 9 / 10
We absolutely loved our experience on our five day cruise in May 2013. there were only four of us (2 couples) and arranging to have the boat to ourselves was just perfect. And of course it was very spacious and comfortable with our small group. Perrinita would also work well with more folks /children or adults in the smaller cabins. Do check floor level changes in one large cabin if you get up during the night.
Food and service were terrific and as we had some very specific dietary needs, we had communicated with the rental agent and were completely satisfied with their choices. As we were doing a shorter cruise we did not venture to the Greek Islands. We worked with the Captain, who was very helpful, to make sure we stayed in quiet places for dinner and the evenings and to stop at beautiful places each day where we could hike (usually for several hours).
We jumped in the water which was beautiful and were met by a gorgeous lunch. We also arranged to be under sail for an hour or two every afternoon even though we weren't going anywhere - we just love the feeling sailing. Except for sleeping, we spent all our time outdoors, lounging on the comfy decks in shade or sun. All fur of us thought this was the highlight of our trip --deeply relaxing with a balance or rest and peacefulness with the activities of swimming and hiking. Thank you crew - you are wonderful!
Ivana Mercanti Esma Sultan 2 8.6 / 10
Dear Sirribir,
I would like to tell you that the cruise was very beautiful, professional crew and excellent food.
The best thing was to stay in port in Bodrum last night. If we had no parking we will not be off the gulet and we could not visit the city.
Regarding sun bed was comfortable but Annalia would have preferred the classic one with no stairs.
We’ll remember for next time.
My friends would like to rent a gullet for next summer but are interested in Croazia. Do you have anything in that area?
Thanks of everything
Best regards
Pablo Villalva Arif Kaptan C 9.6 / 10
Great service, both in the preparation of the Agency as well as during the trip by the crew. We have felt very comfortable and enjoyed it very much. Will definitely recommend Some negatives: - It has been said that internet on board would be present, and was not so. After our feedback it was organized afterwards. Otherwise everything was great. Thank you for the good service.
Traudl Bergau Dreamland 9 / 10
We (2 families) of 10 adults and 3 babies under 2 years had a very, very nice, relaxing week on the yacht Dreamland. Our security concerns were unnecessary, because the railing was secured with a net and in proportion to other gulets our one was with a large foredeck gave the children enough run. At least 5 sitting and sleeping areas provided enough retreat. The crew - especially Ali ! - Is very friendly and helpful. The captain was very friendly to our needs regarding the route and the berths . The food was delicious without restriction. I even got a great Happy Birthday cake as a gift from the crew .
The Agency guletyacht - Erkan Ari - was very friendly and helpful. It was just strange that you stated sports equipment like surfboards as available on the Internet, although the yacht has only canoes on board and as we found later, in your own website this also indicates as correct. If we had known that, we would like to have ordered a surfboard separately. The Agency should perhaps specify the fringe benefits of gulets not all same but check individually for each gulet.
Eleonora Monti Ege Gunesi 8.6 / 10
We rented Ege Gunesi for 10 persons and with the suggestion of Captain we sailed into the Gulf of Gokova. The gulet has a capacity for 12 persons but it would be a bit 'tight, but it's great for 10! The crew was very helpful and attentive! Also good cuisine, traditional Turkish dishes and international foods.
Liza Du Toit Ceo 3 9.6 / 10
The boat cruise on the Ceo 3 surpassed our expectations, our crew was good humoured and attentive, the food was thoughtfully prepared and delicious, and the scenery was pristine and beautiful. Our agent (Erkan Ari) was very helpful, he answered all our emails promptly and was always available, he went out of his way to make the trip unforgettable for all of us. I recommend this agency and the Ceo 3 without hesitation, it was truly an unforgettable experience, one we hope to repeat in years to come.
Oliver Sernet Berrak Su 9.3 / 10
We had a wonderful time on Berrak Su, the crew was very nice especially Hatish who was really lovely and prevented our every need. The boat was very confortable and the big enough for the 9 of us to have privacy whenever we needed.
The only down side might be the fact that we didn't have very good spots to anchor in and the fact the boat moved quite alot when attached (maybe because it was always anchored with only one anchor and only one rope? can't tell as I a don't sail!) But other than that, the Air Conditionning was on usually until 5:00 am which was not just quite enough as it was really hot but sufficient to sleep well part of the night.
I can't tell about any other downsides, we really had a very good time and the boat is very well cared for.
Thanks to the crew and to the Agency for beeing attentive to our needs.


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