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Yacht Charter Reviews

Testimonials and Recommendations

M.Nekarman United Kingdom/Essex Maske 2 10 / 10
Destressed relaxed and chilled will be seeing you again.
Brilliant trip with my friends brilliant food and weather hope to see you again!
Nothing .
H.Hindmarsh Australia/New Salt Wales Tersane 8 10 / 10
A wonderful relaxation with fantastic food, views and experiences.
The days on the yacht were a perfect conclusion to a hectic 4 week tour. The weather was perfect and the group of 27 thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to relax on the beautiful boat. The food was absolutely amazing, the crew were so friendly, polite and not obtrusive, the rooms were spacious and everything was so clean. The captain was great and gave us some flexibility on places to stay overnight. We could not have had a better experience.
It was not long enough!!! Everyone in the group would loved to have longer. Really there is nothing we can identify as a negative. It was prefect.
N.Ruiz Martinez Spain/Madrid Zeynos 10 / 10
I want to come back!!!!!!
I liked many things: the crew has been unbeatable! Enchanting, trying to please and super professionals I have taken a great opinion of the Turks thanks to the coexistence with them. The ship is a marvel and of course Turkey is a paradise, I want to return and always repeat with this crew.
Everything was very organized and always thinking that we had some nice days that they have achieved.
The only thing I lack is a little more heat to have enjoyed more of the wonderful water that Turkey has. The month of April is a bit early to have a guaranteed time.
Susan and Henrik Ariva 1 9.6 / 10
Hi Erkan
Well arrived in Denmark after a lovely week's vacation, we would like to inform you about how we liked our holiday at Ariva 1.
First of all, we think you have handled our cruise holiday extremely professionally and everything has worked on time and as agreed ... Thank you for the service and the trust you have shown us !!
The meeting with Ariva 1 and its crew increased our expectations of how a lovely holiday can be held. The boat was perfect to sail on. The crew was extremely professional and super servicing ... Great.
We have told our circle of friends about this wonderful experience and provided contact information about your company and Ariva 1.
We have talked about the next summer vacation with our friends and will contact you when we have become more concrete about this holiday.
Until then, thank you for a great experience, and have a good time!!
Kind regards
Susan and Henrik

Fabrizio Perilli Hayal 62 10 / 10
Hayal 62 a stunning boat
The crew really professional and friendly
I hope to see you again on my way
David Adriatic Holiday 10 / 10
I completely agree with what Hugh has already stated below, the holiday was incredible.
The crew on the boat made it extra special, and they are to be looked after indeed. The food, places we stopped, interaction with us was very professional, natural and one of the highlights of the trip for me.
Ante’s attention to detail and calm approach really made us all feel very comfortable and at ease. The food was superb and all in all something I would definitely do again.
The holiday gets 12 out of 10 for me!
If you have any queries, please pop me a note.
Best regards, David
Hugh Kirby Adriatic Holiday 9 / 10
Hi Erkan
Thanks for following up on the trip. I have included my partners in the reply should they want to add to my comments.
We absolutely loved it!!!!!!
We go away annually as group and have done a variety of holiday types e.g. island, game safaris, Alpine Skiing, etc and we have rated this holiday as our best thus far.
We found the service from the Captain and his crew to be perfect and we appreciated the personal touch i.e. he is the owner of the boat and his wife was helping him. To some people this may not be what they want, but for us it made the trip just that much more enjoyable getting to the know them as people and not just service providers. Ante planned each trip carefully so that we may arrive and depart at the right time to ensure that we either get the best docking/mooring spot or get to experience an amazing sunrise/sunset. Small details like this made a big difference and we noticed it. Ante was also very accommodating to our requests and offered valuable insight to help us choose where we would like to go and what we would like to do.
The boat is well maintained and has plenty of space. There were 11 people on board (incl. crew) and we never felt crowded, The rooms and amenities e.g. aircon, were great and we were all very comfortable for the duration of the trip.
We only had one issue to sort out and that was due to the captain not being aware that we had opted for the all inclusive domestic drinks package for some of the guests. We realised this on the 2nd day and sorted this out quickly. Our challenge however, was having to settle the associated payment in cash whereas paying upfront via EFT would have been better as it was a large sum of money that we needed to draw from the ATM.

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