You may want to cancel your tour or demand to change the dates for any reason. If the yacht wasn’t booked for the dates to which you’d like to change, we’d be glad to help you.

In case of the cancellation of charter, our cancellation policy is as follows:

The amount equivalent to
25% of the down payment for the cancellations made at least 90 days before the tour date
50% of the down payment for the cancellations made 89-60 days before the tour date
75% of the down payment for the cancellations made 59-40 days before the tour date
100% of the down payment for the cancellations made 39-0 days before the tour date

is collected as the cancellation charge.

Due to the fact that we have only one of each yacht and that it is difficult to sell the same dates for a period around the tour date, this cancellation policy is implemented by all the yacht owners and agencies.

In spite of this, in cases of illness, disaster, war etc., by negotiating in good faith with the owner of the yacht that is rented, and if the yacht owner gives an approval,  a reimbursement of 100% can be made. But this decision is completely under the initiative of the yacht owners.


We had to warn all of our repead & future customers due to our work ethic since 15 years of back ground.

With the increase in internet usage lots of illegal or unknown gulet charter webpages have published. By keeping the reputable companies out of this, we wanted to warn you for won't have any frustrations.Also this is very bad for our vision to looks double charging gulet agency when you compare the prices with these fake webpages.

The way they are keep doing is not a sales strategy online it's just cheating.

Each potential customers are requiring price and availability for gulets from different provider. The target is the get best deal as much as possible.

First you need to know each gulet is unique and there can not be the second alternative.  As much as gulets also each week is unique and can not be sold to more than one charterer.

Let us explain you how they are cheating

  • They offers a fabulous price to customer without check the price and availability of the yacht.
  • They sends the charter agreement and receive the down payment.
  • They wait untill a few days before cruise date and try to get a very specail deal from yacht owner if the yacht is still available.
  • If the week sold to other customer already, contact with the customers and say the yacht has broken or some other problems has happen. So offers other similar gulets which available on specified dates.
  • There is nothing to the from customers side after this point because everything has planned, flights has booked etc. So customer have to accept new offer.

How to be sure who is trustable or not? 

  • Get price offers from a few agencies for same yachts. If one of these prices are really less than others there should be a problem.
  • Check the web page's for their local adress and local phone numbers? If possible it's always better to have a phone call at least.
  • Require at least 2 reference phone number from your country.  We know most of the agencies can not provide this information but we can provide it proudly.
  • Check the agreement carefully, what they are offering if some technical problems happen on your cruise date.

Of course we do not want to confuse your head but we warned you friendly.  You are waiting for your summer vacation all year with patience  and non of us want to mess it with bad experiences.

We hope to meet you again with all beauties of Aegean and Mediterranean.

Your gulet charter expert.

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