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Family Yacht Charter Vacation

Amazing Family Adventure Holidays

One of the best ways to connect and bond a family is on holiday. There is nothing more bonding than an adventurous holiday, especially one where the family is together in an imaginary environment and enjoying it. Think of a hotel room and a large hotel ground; children end up doing their own thing while parents do theirs. Sometimes you meet for a meal, and sometimes you argue where to go and what to do next. Not so on a gulet yacht.

The sub-conscious mindset on a luxury gulet yacht cruise is a world of imagination. Children and parents accept the fact that they are together in one area, and yet totally free to enjoy their own happiness. The family is knit into one cohesive group, and the interaction with the staff adds to bond the family together.

With a wide variety of games, toys, equipment, and amenities to play with during the trip, and the ever-changing scenery, all add to a constant adventure for children and parents. Being able to enjoy all age group games at the same time without compromising each other`s comfort is one of the major advantages of a luxury yacht.

Add to this the ability to schedule all the different itinerary locations, as well as plan sudden locational requests based on the Captains suggestions, provide endless moments of pure bliss and enjoyment.

Food is always an issue with younger children, but when you have a personal chef, this is no issue, and you will always have exactly what your children want, with additional nutritious food, made to make children drool.

When planning on chartering a gulet yacht, consider the following :

Children`s Amenities

Request that the yacht comes equipped with every possible child-friendly amenity from blow up toys to blow up sea toys. An entertainment center with IoT, a speedboat connected to a banana, and loads of games and toys (such as lego, board games, puzzles, digital games) to play with on deck.

Child Friendly Crew

If you have really small children, from baby up to four years old, make sure there is at least one “nanny” staff and that the staff is child-friendly and aware. Babies and small children are not as aware of the dangers of a yacht and the areas to go to. As such, you need a crew that is prepared to keep its eyes open at all times, and also to be good when interacting with youngsters.
For older youngsters aged 4 and up, you would want at least one crew member to be child game minded and know how to interact with pirate games, adventures, drawing and creativity. Anything that can help your child feel happy at all times.


When children come on board the first issue fo business for the Captain and crew is a higher safety alert. Young children are always prone to wander around., their curiosity comes first. As such, when choosing a gulet yacht crew, make sure they are experienced in child safety and have experience in taking families out to sea.

Food and more Food

Before leaving, and while planning, make sure the chef knows what each child likes the most, that way the chef can prepare meals for everyone. If you need to be particular in the brand of sauce and how the food is prepared, do so without worries. Your chef is open to know what your child likes, and there is no limit to french fries, spaghetti and hotdogs followed by a variety of ice-creams.

Nanny Cabin

Charter yachts don`t employ nannies, and while you might want that quiet moment to go visit a secluded beach, the staff are not there to act as babysitters. It is advised to check for a yacht that comes with a nannies quarter and bring your own many with you. If you don`t have a nanny, you can ask for one while scheduling and preparing the trip aforehand.

Virtual vs. Real

You dont need to worry about digital prisons; some yachts provide an array of digital pads, games, arcade games and more. 

However, if you want your child to enjoy the sea and sights, then consider the special yacht “rules” where the Captain explains to the children that on the yacht they cannot play with digital equipment for certain hours during the day. This will move the child to compartmentalize the use of virtual reality and concentrate on a real-life adventure.

With this, most luxury yachts come with a virtual reality paradise, so be prepared. Mind you, when your child see’s a seabob or mini-submarine, all concepts of virtual are quickly forgotten.

The Family Yacht

In all honesty, al families that have been on gulet yacht charters have sworn that they left bonded and more connected. The activities and the memories overload the sense and children dream of the sea every day after such a holiday.

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