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Yoga & Wellness Cruise

Inspiring Your Wellness Journey and Health Goals

Gulet yacht charters provide a plethora of activities, and these activities vary from extreme adrenaline rush sports to relaxing meditation, aromatherapy and yoga. There is no real limit to what you can request during a luxury yacht vacation, all you need to do is ask us first, and we will provide you with any and every desire you require.

Apart from the various sporting equipment that is either stowed on board or specially brought along for specific requests, you will find the following onboard activities available for your wellness and health care. All you need to do is just ask us aforehand and we will make sure that the crew includes a specialist in any one or more of these wellness activities:

Meditation and mind coaching sessions
Life Coaching 
Health Coaching
Beauty treatments
Nutrition and detox plans
Personal training sessions 

Gulet yacht charters are all about the passenger`s experience, so do not limit your imagination, think about the whole 24 hours. Apart from sleeping, eating, drinking and sailing, what do you want to do with your time?