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Bodrum departure gulet charter routes

Bodrum is one of the top departure points for a yacht charter. It sits on a peninsula in South West Turkey that juts out westwards into the Aegean Sea; even before you head out into the open sea there are plenty of places to see close to the city itself, smaller villages and resorts as well as quiet coves and beaches where you are away from any crowds. Bodrum is a jewel surrounded golden sunsets and azure waters. You really should partake in all the local cuisine, cultural attractions and visit the waterfront outside the famous Bodrum Castle, built from the stones of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus before or after your charter. Also, it's very famous with high-level marinas, world-famous restaurants, and nightlife. Yacht Charter Bodrum

Marmaris departure gulet charter routes

One of the many reasons to book a yacht charter Marmaris holiday is that this area offers a very wide choice of itinerary options. Also, Marmaris is one of the few major ports to embark on a gulet cruise vacation where just about everything can be found to stock for provisions. Yacht Charter Marmaris

Fethiye departure gulet charter routes

Fethiye is a great spot for starting or finishing a yacht charter. In its area is possible to find some of the most beautiful caves and bays of the entire region and for this reason, Fethiye is absolutely a perfect spot for a cruise on a yacht.  There is so much to do and see locally, whichever direction you head out of the Bay.  Yacht Charter Fethiye

Gocek departure gulet charter routes

Göcek hosts six significant marinas that serve the yacht tourism in the region. So a perfect starting point for a yacht charter. A prominent characteristic of the town is the fact that it harbors islands and coves located in a large and secluded bay. Due to its location, it naturally enjoys a high potential for yacht tourism.  Yacht Charter Gocek

Split departure gulet charter routes

Split in Central Dalmatia is a great departure point to explore the Coastline of Croatia. It is the largest of the towns and cities on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia. Split itself is an interesting city with the highlight being the Diocletian Palace and the Roman ruins in the old center. You can surely see more than just a few places that there are many interesting places to visit fairly close to Split. There are hundreds of islands on the Adriatic Coast and if you charter a yacht from Split, you will have the opportunity to explore some of the best. Yacht Charter Split

Dubrovnik departure gulet charter routes

Dubrovnik, a major city in the South of Croatia, offers not only its history, but it is also a launching point for a yacht charter into the Adriatic which is a wonderful setting for the many weeks of summer; warm seas and blue skies.  Yacht Charter Dubrovnik

Sibenik departure gulet charter routes

One of the best ports of departure is Sibenik, a city from where you can cruise the warm Adriatic, calling into islands as well as other parts of the Croatia. With your yacht charter, you can anchor anywhere and enjoy the lovely beaches in the region. There are islands fairly close by, Zlarin and Prvic both of which are worth visiting. The archipelago has almost 250 islands, reefs and islets, largely northwest of the City of Sibenik.  Yacht Charter Sibenik

Zadar departure gulet charter routes

Zadar is a Dalmatian city famous for its history and culture, making Zadar a popular tourist city. It is, in fact, the oldest continuously inhabited Croatian city dating back to when it was called Lader by the 9th century BCE Illyrian tribe. This gives Zadar 3,000 years of continuous inhabitance. Zadar sprits many Roman buildings preserved perfectly as well as the countless styles that were added on over the ages. One of the greatest attractions is the famous sea organ, the worlds first such sound art piece that makes harmonic sounds from the waves of the sea.

Tivat departure gulet charter routes

Tivat has a natural marina, several interesting buildings and the proximity of the airport means it is a natural starting point for a yacht charter. You can fly one morning from most parts of Europe and be on board later in the day.  Yacht Charter Tivat

Rhodes departure gulet charter routes

Rhodes (Rhodos or Rodos in Greek), lies between Crete and the near East in the Aegean ocean. Rhodes is the biggest of the Dodecanese islands. Named the sun island or island of light there are hardly any days when the sun doesn't shine. With its subtropical climate and over 3.000 hours of sun per year you can be guaranteed a good tan on your holiday. Rhodes is one of the most popular holiday islands in Greece - even Greeks themselves come to Rhodes for a holiday from the mainland. Rhodes Island

Kos departure gulet charter routes

Kos Island is really well worth visiting. Kos is the island that gave the world Hippocrates, the father of medicine. The third largest island of the Dodecanese, it is a very green island with an excellent infrastructure and large roads lined up with palm trees. During your visit to Kos Island, you must certainly visit the ancient ruins of the city that are numerous and remarkable, the ruins of 'Asklipios", the 'Castle of the Knights'and the huge tree of Hippocrates (trunk diameter is 11,5 meters!). On Kos you will find some of the finest beaches in the Dodecanese islands of Greece. With many archaeological sites in and around the town, Kos is the ideal place for walking or cycling. Kos Island

Mykonos departure gulet charter routes

Delos is a small islet located a few miles from the Greek Island of Mykonos Greece. Delos, in Antiquity, was one of the most important sanctuaries of Greece. It was considered as the birth place of the gods Apollo and Artemis. There, you can visit some the ruins of temples, theatres and houses from one of the greatest civilization ever. Mykonos Island

Athens departure gulet charter routes

Corfu departure gulet charter routes

There is much to admire in the Corfu Old Townâs and Jewish quarters architecture. Journeying on to the east the streets get steadily busier and there are many shops here for tourists. The Church of Agios Spyridon stands prominently above. Kapodistra is the main road which runs down the east side of town... Corfu Island