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Taylan Taşpınar Gyc17 8.6 / 10
Altogether we were happy with everything. The food was really good. If we had known earlier about the Dalyan trip we could be better organized for it but at last there has been no problem. For your guests it would be better to let them know about this option from the beginning of their booking, so they will be more happy with this. With the crew has no cabins they had some difficulty. I think that if they could have a room for their own it would be also reflected in all service approaches. But like I said altogether it was really very nice.
Tamer Akkurt Dreamland 10 / 10
Thank you very much Ariva Yachting for a wonderful experience. Mr Okumus, was incredibly helpful and assisted us during every step of the way. He is very informative and was very patient with all our questions and requests. The crew and boat that he suggested was exactly as we had hoped for and we were not disappointed at all. We had a wonderful time and the food and sites were wonderful. I will be recommending friends and family to speak with Ariva if they are planning a Blue Cruise.
Tore Dammyr Perla Del Mar 1 9 / 10
Dear Madam/Sir, has handled our questions in a professional and most satisfactory way.
We are most pleased with the way we have been met, from the first emails to the great holiday.
You have been most informative and helpful and made us certain about having chosen a secure and serious company.
We will not hesitate to use and recommend Ariva Yachting again.
After many years of dreaming about a holiday on a Blue Voyage Cruise it is a pleasure to say that the cruise become a very memorable and great holiday for the 4 families, 15 persons, we were onboard, all together.
The 26,5m Gulet fulfilled all our expectations as we left Marmaris with quality all around us. The boat was lovely with teakwood and mahogany all around and the crew kept the ship clean and tidy.
We were a bit concerned regarding the hot Turkish nights, while sleeping in a warm cabin… Would the aircondition that normally is shot off at midnight be enough?
Many of us found it too warm, but we enjoyed sleeping outside on the mattresses on the deck, under the canvas. That was very pleasant, without any insects and with perfect temperature.
If we wanted to have aircondition during the night, that would be possible if we paid extra and the captain found a place where we could let the engine work all night. We preferred to enjoy the silent night onboard and had a perfectly good sleep outside.
A Blue Voyage Crruise onboard a Gulet in a great Turkish archipelago/coastline was simply magnificant and we highly recommend it. Many more should choose this kind of holiday.
We experiences wonderful clear water in perfect temperature. No manets or other fish/animals to worry about in the water. The whole family enjoyed swimming and playing in the sea.
If we wanted, and we had enough wind, the crew sat sail and we enjoyed that as well.
We had good communication with the captain and crew and decided together where to move the boat to every day. We often moved after breakfast and a nice swim, and then again after lunch. We enjoyed suntanning, bathing and games in the water.
Nobody got seasick, the boat was steady and there were not much wind. We had perfect lengths on our journeys between new places to stay.
Regarding the costs, we found the very acceptable, and we think many should feel tempted to try this out.
We were also more than happy about the food served onboard. It had great variety and looked and tasted very delicious. We were very impressed about the chef. Because of the children in the families we asked for chicken to be served with at all evening meals, and they did.
We had the opportunity to buy our own beverages and we chose to do so.
That helped us to keep the costs down and the crew gave us the same service by keeping and serving the drinks to us, cold and nice, without any extra costs, and with a big smile.
The crew was very discrete, friendly, nice and very service minded. They spoke some English and we managed fine to understand eachother. They were discrete but always there for us when we needed them.
On the negative side we have tree comments:
1. The smell from the aircondition was not nice. It should have been cleaned, so that the smell would not be there. The way is smelled was uncomfortable.
2. The other thing is that we would have liked to have fresh towels, during the week onboard.
3. The last thing is regarding the toiletcleaners. One morning we moved the boat in some quite windy sea. The toiletbrushes fell on the floor and everything that was in the container came out on the floor, where we were supposed to stay barefoot… We would advice you to attach these to the walls…
Other then that we found everything wonderful.
We went ashore in Marmaris with great holiday memories and continued our vacation at an all-inclusive hotel. The perfect combination.! :)
We are all looking forward to a holiday like this in a near future!
Thank you so much
Luca Dentis Ugur Kaan 8.3 / 10
The gulet Ugur Kaan is certainly not luxurious, but still allows you to enjoy a great holiday. The front cabins are a bit ' penalized by the proximity of the engine compartment ( the smell of diesel and fuel, moving, the level of the noise ) and the lower ventilation capacity . The amenities are fairly basic (you note details such as the absence of the sails and coatings a bit ' cheesy padding for relaxing) , but the only real disappointment is the insufficient equipment for snorkeling and fishing (we could purchase them with low-price in the first port ) .
However, Ugur Kaan has the advantage of size, slightly above average in relation to the number of passengers. The large space facilitates well-being on board, given that all the guests can find, without any dispute, the favorite place to spend time, both at sea and at anchor. The crew (the captain Turgul, and the cook's son Mehmet Sedat ) has always behaved very well, despite the poor knowledge of English. We were treated with kindness and professionality and our privacy was completely respected. We ate well: dishes quite simple but healthy, balanced and sufficiently varied. Overall, the boat, the crew, the itinerary and the board have fully complied with our expectations, deserving our satisfaction. Even the agency Ariva has contributed to the success of the holiday, with adequate and timely organization of the various elements.
Andrea Terrone Enderim 10 / 10
Alessandro Marcattilji Junior Orcun 8.6 / 10
Beautiful holiday that I have already recommended it to other friends for the next year. The captain took us to one of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean Sea which had always calm and quiet coves. The size of the boat has allowed everyone to live comfortably despite the presence of so many young people and children. The entire crew was kindly and willingly. Well-maintained boat but it needs a refit that, it was told me, will take place during the next winter. Overall, a nice experience to live with the whole family
Daniela Di Luca & Massimo Roccia Sebahat Sultan 9 / 10
We were fully satisfied with our holiday on Sebahat Sultan that we will definitely repeat and recommend to our friends. The boat was comfortable, well maintained and very clean, the crew was so professional and helpful as well as the cook was so prepared, every day has cooked different foods and very tasty.

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