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EI Australia/Sydney 6 / 10

The Turquoise Coast of Turkey is a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world. I can’t wait to return and if you’re thinking of visiting, don’t hesitate and book your trip now. We booked the Gul Sultan gulet.
The pros of the Gul Sultan:
The lovely, well-meaning crew who do their best and are very knowledgeable about the local area
The food was wide-ranging and beautifully prepared.
The cons:
The boat has a foul smell that makes a few of the rooms unusable. It’s overpowering. We could not use the master room for two nights as you could not breathe in there. They try and mask the smell with many air fresheners but it doesn’t make a difference, only exacerbating the problem.
The air conditioning was not working for a great deal of the trip. Our group could not sleep for a few nights as the heat in the cabins was unbearable.
The boat is unclean and in need of a lot of maintenance. There was dirt, dust and toothpaste marks in the bathrooms upon arrival.
The amenities are sub-standard to say the least. There is no soap available and only some watered down small bottles of unbranded shampoo.
The laundry and towels were often returned damp.
The boat owner was completely unwilling to address any of these issues with us.

Johan Kritzinger United Kingdom Serenity 70 9.3 / 10
it was an incredibly relaxing trip and each of us loved every minute of cruising around this beautiful coast line, while being looked after so well!
Serenty 70 is a beautiful gulet, with a homely feel.
The crew is very tentative and nothing is too much of an ask. the chef especially made a lot of effort to prepare food for our 8 month old baby.
i know it takes a lot of effort, but it would have been nice to cruise under sail a little more.
A.L. Holland/Amsterdam Blue Heaven 10 / 10
Lovely holidays with luxury and freedom!
We loved the crew, the yacht the atmosphere, the food, the facilities and the coast of Turkey!
the transport from the airport to the yacht when we arrived
V.G. Romania/Bucuresti Carpe Diem 5 9.6 / 10
A very confortable aNd friendly cruse
The crew for the quality of services inside and outside and the boat for it’s confort
Too much foods . It would be better less but more typical
Martyn Glinn UK/Bristol Zeynos 10 / 10
We were all treated like royalty - a truly 10 star experience!
My family and I have just returned from a fantastic vacation on the yacht Zeyno’s Many holiday companies over promise and under deliver, but on this occasion I can honestly say that the holiday was far better than our expectations.
The yacht itself was superb, being luxuriously appointed with en-suite bathrooms to each cabin, much needed air conditioning and WiFi. There was ample space for seating on deck and sunbathing, and even though there were 6 guests in our party and 4 crew, it never felt crowded. The crew worked hard to clean the boat and keep it looking pristine which it always did. It must be one of the best looking yachts around and always looked magnificent against other gulets whenever moored close to them!
It was the crew who really made this vacation for us, though. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they were genuinely concerned to ensure that we were happy with everything. Chef Ali deserves a special mention, as he created a range of culinary delights for every meal, and made meal times something to be really looked forward to. The food was plentiful, fresh and appealing, and he added little surprises like gateaux and chocolate brownies in between which added to the superb gastronomic experience.
Gem and Mustafa provided the service which was quite simply exemplary! They were always attentive and worked hard to ensure that we were always happy. At times it seemed like they even anticipated what we wanted as our favourite drinks would just appear at the right time! They provided help and guidance on the destinations and generally went above and beyond to ensure that our holiday was the best.
The Captain inspired confidence with his professionalism and calm and collected manner. We felt safe in his care. As an example of how the crew went above and beyond, one of our group lost a valuable action-camera over the side of the yacht when we were moored. The Captain arranged for some local divers to be found to search for the camera. He went and collected them in the ships dinghy and also negotiated with them their fee on our behalf. We were all elated when they recovered the camera from deep water in working order. He also allowed us to stay on the yacht beyond the designated leaving time as we had a later flight. During this time the crew continued to look after us and make us feel really welcome.
When the time came to leave, none of us wanted to go. We would gladly have stayed another week if we could have found some way of rearranging things. The crew all waved us off and we left as friends rather than clients.
I would thoroughly recommend this holiday!
That we had to go home at the end of it! It’s impossible to find fault with anything else and we don’t usually say that!
Kathleen Bonk Tucker Elbow Cay/Bahamas Primadonna 10 / 10
We had a fantastic vacation with perfect support by Gulet Yacht, a terrific captain and fabulous food.
Our group of four seasoned global travelers loved every minute. The crew was terrific and the food fabulous. The yacht was spacious, comfortable and in excellent condition, We went to some rather spectaular places that the captain knew in Turkey such as coves with very few other boats. Our trips to island towns were also interesting and wonderful with just enough time to capture the right sites and get a sense of the culture.
Gulet Yacht was an excellent agency for us from our very first email about their services from making all arrangements, helping with our plans over the months and connecting us to the right gullet for our price range, We would strongly recommend Erkan Ari and his team, All of the pre-arrangements were done on time and he responded to our emails and other inquiries immediately, Their services went way beyond the call of duty going the extra mile at every turn.
The end of the trip - we were very sad to leave and only wished we had another week or two or more on Gulet Primadonna.
Harry and Mary Trueheart USA/Utah Primadonna 10 / 10
Thank you for a great vacation worth every penny.
Everything on our cruise was PERFECT. The boat’s captain first mate and award-winning chef were all knowledgable, friendly and took us to places including quiet caves, hiking trails and other locations away from tourists and crowds. The food was 5 *****. One of the very best eating experiences better than the best restaurants- and we both travel extensively around the world for our jobs – over – more-
The crew was very accommodating, easy to work with, attentive and eager, please. Very friendly and enthusiastic. The chef was excellent.
Food was excellent.
Sailing was limited due to the weather and size of the crew. The itinerary was OK with some excellent stops and some OK ones.
Before coming, we had thought to visit cafes and restaurants on land in towns and villages.
NO WAY – the food on our boat was so good and so perfectly prepared and diverse, we ate aboard. And very good coffee and teas.
Our boat was wonderful, very well-maintained with large sleeping cabins, comfortable beds and sensational Turkish sheets and towels with all the best little touches.
We will come back again, Thank you for a great vacation worth every penny.

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