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Yacht Charter Reviews

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Graham Long Uk/Farnham Mehmet Ayaz 10 / 10
Great crew, great boat and excellent food, will be looking to book again.
The Gulet was of a good quality having recently had a refit. The Captain and crew were also very good, attentive and happy to accomodate our requests.
The food was also very good.
Air conditioning at night inadequate.
Stephen Jones Uk/Gloucestershire Ceo 3 10 / 10
Enjoyed the gulet, crew, food, weather, idyllic bays the country of Turkey and her delightful people.
Fabulous holiday. CEO3 exceeded our expectations. Ideal accommodation for 6 men, wanting their own cabin. Gulet spotlessly clean and maintained to a high standard. Effortless cruising at 9 knots. Captain and crew very friendly and efficient. Particularly liked the way they appeared to like each other's company and worked together with a great team spirit. Cabins and beds tidied every day, towels changed halfway through the week. Chefs food is excellent and varied. He even caught an octopus, cooked and served- delicious! The younger crew showed that nothing was too much trouble, serving with good humor. The route suited us and we did everything that we could do in just a week. The captain's choice of pretty, sheltered anchorages was much appreciated The agency was good, particularly in the early days of booking, when Sirribir showed great patience.
Very surprised to be told on the 4th day that the wine had almost run out. A phone call to the agency, resulting in permission for the crew to buy emergency rations ashore saved the day.
All cabins would benefit from the installation of fans.
Enjoyed the short sail (not motoring). We really only sailed with the genoa, the main was a joke as it was permanently lashed amidships, incapable of easing the main sheet, only one batten and was in need of replacement. This did not detract from our holiday and perhaps I am being unfair as to sail properly would have meant a great deal of work dismantling awnings etc. If this was our main consideration then hire a yacht and not a gulet. CEO 3 was far more comfortable than any yacht and I find it impossible to find any real faults. At the agency level, I would prefer to pay by card and not by international bank transfer.
Lange Joachin Germany/Heidenheim Arielle 1 8 / 10
One week of relaxation.
Nice boat, very friendly crew. Lots of space. Relaxed atmosphere.
Little on our food wishes. We mainly wanted fish, not much meat.
Only sailed once. Pretty old ropes, two are broken.
Gregor M. Germany/Offenburg Celik Es D 9 / 10
What an unforgettable experience!
Hi Erkan,
Unfortunately, even the most beautiful journey comes to an end and I would like to praise you and your agency for the overall organization. The boat / gulet and the comfort on board were very good, the entire crew was always extremely polite and friendly and took great care of us and the tour also took us to truly beautiful bays. In addition, the beverage selection was very good and adequate. And also hotel booking for the last day was perfect. All in all very good!
Erkan, again on the whole it was a great tour and an unforgettable experience for each of the team, but criticism must be allowed. We are also looking forward to a reply.
However, I would also like to address some things that we did not like so much and should not go unmentioned:
The food was qualitatively without doubt very good, very typical of the country and also varied - as we like it. But still, we expect something more under a meal than we were commanded. It was in the "Preference list" explicitly the food preferences, but we did not find it in the daily diet as hoped. (a few examples: only once beef although explicitly mentioned, no or little fancy "Mezze" and creams, afternoon tea and a pastry). As I said it was all good, but as it was sold to me, I imagined it a little more diverse, etc.: "Meat lovers" as we have described in the reference list, just love meat. The chef was here again expressly our praise.
2nd tour / harbor entrances
I already have a gulet tour behind me, a colleague two tours - on these tours, it was quite common that you within 7 days 5-6 times in the evening headed for a port. On this tour we had only the last two evenings the port of Marmaris driven, where we also had to pay the 1 x port fee of 150 € extra. We could have been informed about this in advance, then we would have planned the tour differently. That this is generally so that you mostly stay at sea, we could not go out on the basis of previous experience. That was a pity, especially because Mamaris is beautiful, but rather aimed at a mass audience. There are so many beautiful other harbor towns.
3. Pick up from Gerd Benz on Tuesday
That everything worked out, very good! But that he flies extra to Bodrum, so that we can take him in Bodrum and then turns out that our gulet tour does not go to Bodrum at all and he is instead driven three hours through the area, that was already very unhappy. With a little better planning that would not have happened.
Johan Kritzinger United Kingdom Serenity 70 9.3 / 10
it was an incredibly relaxing trip and each of us loved every minute of cruising around this beautiful coast line, while being looked after so well!
Serenty 70 is a beautiful gulet, with a homely feel.
The crew is very tentative and nothing is too much of an ask. the chef especially made a lot of effort to prepare food for our 8 month old baby.
i know it takes a lot of effort, but it would have been nice to cruise under sail a little more.
A.L. Holland/Amsterdam Blue Heaven 10 / 10
Lovely holidays with luxury and freedom!
We loved the crew, the yacht the atmosphere, the food, the facilities and the coast of Turkey!
the transport from the airport to the yacht when we arrived
V.G. Romania/Bucuresti Carpe Diem 5 9.6 / 10
A very confortable aNd friendly cruse
The crew for the quality of services inside and outside and the boat for it’s confort
Too much foods . It would be better less but more typical

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