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Yacht Charter Reviews

Testimonials and Recommendations

Andrea.B Sweden/Vesenaz 8.6 / 10 Dreamland
Our vacation was very relaxing and a lot of fun! Like: We very much appreciated the service offered by Hulya. Hulya was available at all times of the day and provided us with a great experience! The crew were very friendly throughout the trip. Dislike: The captain was not very keen on sailing a lot. He often took us to places that were not very beautiful and very busy. He didn't want to navigate certain places that we wanted. 30.08.2020

Irène.C Luxembourg/Luxembourg 4.6 / 10 Barba
By and large, OK Like: Croatia as a country was beautiful and similar to Turkey. Just a little less hot.
The barba was nice and coarse and was not too narrow. Enough berths and so on ... Dislike: - Only one bath towel per week for inside and outside (except for two mini ones in the bathroom, but never changed) !!! Really bad. Have no washing facilities.
- The cabins and the ship were never cleaned! Beds had to be made by yourself and sheets never changed.
- Crew quite inflexible and inefficient. Kapitan always in a bad mood and quickly annoyed. Cook very nice but totally overwhelmed! The sailor lady has almost nothing to do because it is only possible to land on land once. And the lady for the serving service was a little friendlier but totally clumsy and overwhelmed. Neither of them cleaned up or cleaned.
- Food was disastrously below the value paid for. Think the value never exceeded the hundred euros per day for the 13 people. Over half of the people always had to do without so that the others were somewhat satisfied and full. Had reported at the beginning that not enough, then meat on the day (not really good), otherwise mainly based on potatoes and salad. Much better in Turkey. 24.08.2020

Moritz.S Germany/Berlin 10 / 10 Mina
Great vacation! Like: We had a wonderful trip! The experience was very positive from the beginning: Erkan from the Guletyacht agency was super quick and helpful, he answered all questions immediately and organized the trip in a very short time.
Crew was also very attentive and even did more than work: Kapitaen Ismail shared his private wifi with us, Ahmed spoiled us with delicious and varied food, Oshahn even gave the child his own baseball cup. We had 3 people in our family who couldn't swim and the crew looked after us perfectly by taking us from the yacht to the beach with dinghy every day.
Thank you for a great trip and wonderful vacation! Dislike: - 17.08.2020

Maria.M / 9.3 / 10 Aegean Pearl
Great Like: We spent a very nice day on the Aegan pearl. The crew was friendly, the food was good ! Dislike: All was good 13.08.2020

Nilüfer.Ü Switzerland/Bern 10 / 10 Baris S
We left the boat with very good memories Like: Barış captain and his friend served very well
The food was delicious, the service was perfect, the boat was great, they did their best 10.08.2020

Richard.H UK/Winchcombe 10 / 10 Neptun
Great all round , and had a wonderful time. Like: Annoying that we couldn’t go into English Harbour, but that is not there fault.
Give me some time and I will get back to you on Gulets. 10.08.2020

Custodio.D Spain/Barcelona 9 / 10 S.Nur Taylan
exoerience for relaxing and excitment on the sea Like: I like the size of the boat and the crew Dislike: The cabines little old and lack of ventilation 04.08.2020