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Charter Reviews

Yacht Charter Reviews

Testimonials and Recommendations

K.T. South Africa/Johannesburg Diamond Lila 9 / 10
A wonderful vacation in paradise for the whole family
1. The yacht was comfortable and spacious
2. The crew were very efficient and helpful
1. Food was good but not as we expected considering we chose VIP option, we were expecting more fresh seafood, fresh bread, etc.
2. There was always a terrible smell in the cabin area
Aaron Chaus Usa/New York Diamond Lila 7.3 / 10
Good but the little nonsense that could have been addressed was a huge turn off.
Boat was very large. Trip was great.
Smell, captain kept turning off A/C at night, food was not as planned.
Shaul Shani Germany/Berlin S.Dogu 9.3 / 10
Excellent food, Yacht, crew, and service ! Pleasant ship and attentive staff provide and all round fun boat experience.
G.S. Usa 8.6 / 10
Our vacation was fabulous thanks to you.
Amazing crew, very helpful, polite, professional
The yacht was comfortable.
Needs a little better cleaning.
Food was fresh, always on time.
Will will start planning next year soon.
Thank you
Michael A. Australia/Sydney Kaya Guneri 5 10 / 10
Very relaxing on a very comfortable boat with great staff
Staff were great and very accommodating
Captain was very accommodating
Accommodation and vessel was very comfortable
Everyone tried really hard for us to have a great trip/charter
Truly a very generous crew
A suggestion about windsurfing on board :
The sailboard was not thought through, only small sails and the mast extension was only suitable for the smallest sail (4m) and were not long enough for the 5m sail so the larger sail could not be used. The sailboard needed a larger sail of 5.5 or 6m for lighter winds. Also, the board was very old and had no non-stick surface or foot straps so was very slippery if you tried to stand on it. Basically, you need to get a newer board and setup.
Pippa Schoeman South Africa/Stellenbosch Getaway 10 / 10
Excellent, experienced crew, fab food = fantastic sailing holiday.
Hi the crew was great, keeping us informed all the time and making sure we found the best spots and made most use of our time. Few looked after us so well and knew what we wanted before we did. And the food! Wow we felt like we were eating in a restaurant most days. Thank you Captain Adem and crew. The boat is spotless and very well maintained. It’s interior is more modern than a lot of the hikers we’ve been on before so it was nice. The cabins are very spacious. I also liked the fact that our rooms were checked and cleaned twice a day.
The only small thin I would say is we prefer the big day beds at the back of the boat than the seats - but it wouldn’t stop us booking the boat again.
Waleed Sulaman Al-Marshoud Kuwait/Kuwait City Bedia Sultan 10 / 10

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