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Croatia - Choosing the Right Destination

CROATIA is full of wonder and surprises, and there are many sights to visit, among them are these top four locations that are extremely popular and for a very good reason. The Dalmatian Islands are a strip of islands that face off the coast of Croatia. 

Dubrovnik is the jewel in Croatia`s crown, and this amazing walled ancient city is resplendent with all its medieval trappings. There are limestone streets, baroque buildings and an endless shimmer of the Adriatic, that when looked at from the yacht, shows a sea of red rooftops, green trees, and orange-yellow ancient walls. This city is filled with life, luxury and a plethora of sites to enjoy landside.

The Islands (Dalmatian)

Croatia has 1246 islands; you won’t visit all, you won’t visit 1%, what you will do is float past many, enjoying their view and stopping at one or two locations to enjoy their special culture and unique views. Here are a few options to consider:

Cres - This is the largest of the Croatian islands and is covered by a steeply contoured green expanse that is dotted with pebble beaches and tiny walled settlements. This island is underpopulated, and the town of Cres has around 100 inhabitants. There is much to see on the island, including the seaside village of Value and the hilltop hamlets of Beli and Lubenice.

Lošinj will give you many attractions including museums, churches, pebble beaches, as well as air and sea sports. The main town, Mali Lošinj, is home to a few resorts, hotels, restaurants and even nightlife.  

Rab is all about sandy beaches, and family fun. This is the place to enjoy with small children and will enjoy it even under a hot sun with a dripping gelato.

Pag is Croatia`s Lace capital but also a clubbing haven and the place for all dance music fans. With is lunar landscape and open-air clubs, nighttime falls, and the fun begins.

Kornati Islands -These are accessible boat only and are made for yachties; this is where you will find the Kornati National Park.  

Brač - This is Croatia’s third-biggest island and is where you will find Zlatni Rat, the most famous beach in Croatia. If its extreme excitement and sports action, this island is where you want to be, with everything from tennis, windsurfing, diving, parasailing, kayaking and mountain biking. 

Hvar - When it comes to dancing on the table tops and glamor, this is the island to visit, a true hodgepodge of travelers mix together and enjoy the wonders of Hvar town, Stari Grad and Jelsa. As night falls, the cocktails come out in an endless procession.

Vis - This is the secluded beach island and is perfect for a quiet getaway.

Korčula is similar to Dubrovnik, and you get a to visit and see a magnificent 15th-century cathedral, as well as try out amazing food served from a myriad location.

Mljet - This is the nature walk island and is covered with lush vegetation. This is a national park and is home to a small Benedictine monetary and some Roman ruins.

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