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The 6th Advantage of Gulet Charter than Luxury Hotels: Bespoke Service

Another facet of the luxury yachts crew performance is their levels of expertise in different activities. If you are seeking a professional service focused on something specific, sich as massage, yoga, training, diving, hang gliding, or poetry. Just discuss this before you set sail, to make sure your team comes with the right qualifications to meet your bespoke needs.

Service is key, and unlike a hotel that has grumbly staff, a luxury yacht comes with a team of highly dedicated professionals that place customer satisfaction at the fore. There is no such thing as a disgruntled luxury yacht staff; they are all well paid to provide you with the best service possible. 

They are also dedicated to serving your needs 24/7, as such, you will see them at all times, or if you want, not seen, but on call in seconds by your side.

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