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The 2nd Advantage of Gulet Charter than Luxury Hotels: Privacy

What can I say, how much privacy do you have in the middle of a busy hotel lobby? Or perhaps in the confines of the pool? The gym? The dining room? I can go on because in a hotel the only private place is your room. 

Now, on a gulet yacht, everywhere is private. You have total privacy in all you do and desire. You want a quiet deck, its quiet. Do you want a quiet galley? It`s quiet. You want total privacy; you have it. Only you, yourself and your reflection are invited onboard a luxury gulet yacht. That and your family and friends you invite with you.

Privacy extends beyond the yacht and flows into the sea, as well as onto the secluded and deserted beaches that fill up only by yacht charters. Your captain knows where the untouched locations are waiting for you, and you can even take a private dip at night.

Now, add a team of dedicated staff that works 24/7 to give you perfect privacy, and you have the environment of a luxury gulet yacht. Now how much did you say that 5-star hotel suite cost?

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