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Yacht Charter Turkey

Yacht charter Turkey is an exceptional holiday option that brings together a celebration of the sea, exploration, and relaxation. Also, our yacht charter services include the Greek Islands, Croatia and more. Add the many attractions in the regions, historical and cultural as well as the wonderful cuisine, then what more could you ask for? Swimming, sunbathing and lots of adventures are waiting for you.

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Looking for a gulet yacht charter in Mediterranean, Aegean or Adriatic? You deserve the best personal attention, so be assured that we will offer the ideal yacht charter for you. Our brokers will assist you in finding the best gulet and will make your charter the most enjoyable one for you.

Our gulet yachts are selected for every budget and every size. Whether you are a large group of adventurers, or a small family seeking a quiet secluded holiday together. We will design together with you, your perfect vacation. Everything you ask for will be supplied, and we will provide you of an individual, familial and professional touch to every detail.

Our yachts, their captains, and crews are all hand-picked for maximum efficiency, quality, and experience. They are all charged with your comfort and happiness. They work diligently to ensure you with every whim. Any special menu item or delicacy, any water sport in any sea, and any silent moment with or without your choice of music. Private yacht charters are all aiming for one goal, your absolute and total satisfaction.

Take a look at all the breathtaking photos, that were all taken on one of our yachts and are all real sites, locations, and reviews. To plan your vacation, all you need to do is read up in our charter advice section and contact us with any specific questions.

We invite you on board to watch incredible sunsets that you have never seen before, swim in the deep blue waters, discover the most beautiful coves, taste the most delicious dishes and delightful drinks - in short, to live the sea holiday of your dreams! Snorkeling, watersports and hundreds of activities are ready for you. So, just come, relax and enjoy the time with this amazingly stunning yacht charter vacation!

Turkey 523 Gulet Yachts / 7 Base Port
Croatia 67 Gulet Yachts / 4 Base Port
Greece 31 Gulet Yachts / 6 Base Port

Yacht Charter Reviews

Giulio Masotti Italy/Roma 9 / 10 Peri
Diver Like: We appreciated the agency's professionalism and their interest throughout the cruise. The gulet Peri and its crew met our needs. 19.08.2019
Heike.G Germany/Zornheim 7.6 / 10 Blue Diamond
Wonderful. Like: The boat was very nice, although a bit older and in need of renovation here and there. We had a very good time on board. Kudos to the cook Huseyin and the skipper Ozgan. Wonderful water crystal clear turquoise blue. Magnificent sunrises and sunsets. Gladly again. 31.08.2020
Tore Dammyr 9 / 10 Perla Del Mar 1
Dear Madam/Sir,
Guletyacht.net has handled our questions in a professional and most satisfactory way.
We are most pleased with the way we have been met, from the first emails to the great holiday.
You have been most informative and helpful and made us certain about having chosen a secure and serious company.
We will not hesitate to use and recommend Ariva Yachting again.
After many years of dreaming about a holiday on a Blue Voyage Cruise it is a pleasure to say that the cruise become a very memorable and great holiday for the 4 families, 15 persons, we were onboard, all together.
The 26,5m Gulet fulfilled all our expectations as we left Marmaris with quality all around us. The boat was lovely with teakwood and mahogany all around and the crew kept the ship clean and tidy.
We were a bit concerned regarding the hot Turkish nights, while sleeping in a warm cabin… Would the aircondition that normally is shot off at midnight be enough?
Many of us found it too warm, but we enjoyed sleeping outside on the mattresses on the deck, under the canvas. That was very pleasant, without any insects and with perfect temperature.
If we wanted to have aircondition during the night, that would be possible if we paid extra and the captain found a place where we could let the engine work all night. We preferred to enjoy the silent night onboard and had a perfectly good sleep outside.
A Blue Voyage Crruise onboard a Gulet in a great Turkish archipelago/coastline was simply magnificant and we highly recommend it. Many more should choose this kind of holiday.
We experiences wonderful clear water in perfect temperature. No manets or other fish/animals to worry about in the water. The whole family enjoyed swimming and playing in the sea.
If we wanted, and we had enough wind, the crew sat sail and we enjoyed that as well.
We had good communication with the captain and crew and decided together where to move the boat to every day. We often moved after breakfast and a nice swim, and then again after lunch. We enjoyed suntanning, bathing and games in the water.
Nobody got seasick, the boat was steady and there were not much wind. We had perfect lengths on our journeys between new places to stay.
Regarding the costs, we found the very acceptable, and we think many should feel tempted to try this out.
We were also more than happy about the food served onboard. It had great variety and looked and tasted very delicious. We were very impressed about the chef. Because of the children in the families we asked for chicken to be served with at all evening meals, and they did.
We had the opportunity to buy our own beverages and we chose to do so.
That helped us to keep the costs down and the crew gave us the same service by keeping and serving the drinks to us, cold and nice, without any extra costs, and with a big smile.
The crew was very discrete, friendly, nice and very service minded. They spoke some English and we managed fine to understand eachother. They were discrete but always there for us when we needed them.
On the negative side we have tree comments:
1. The smell from the aircondition was not nice. It should have been cleaned, so that the smell would not be there. The way is smelled was uncomfortable.
2. The other thing is that we would have liked to have fresh towels, during the week onboard.
3. The last thing is regarding the toiletcleaners. One morning we moved the boat in some quite windy sea. The toiletbrushes fell on the floor and everything that was in the container came out on the floor, where we were supposed to stay barefoot… We would advice you to attach these to the walls…
Other then that we found everything wonderful.
We went ashore in Marmaris with great holiday memories and continued our vacation at an all-inclusive hotel. The perfect combination.! :)
We are all looking forward to a holiday like this in a near future!
Thank you so much 16.09.2013
Heinz Heindl 9.6 / 10 Hasay
Our holidays were great very nice and helpful crew. 09.10.2014
Alessandro Marcattilji 8.6 / 10 Junior Orcun
Beautiful holiday that I have already recommended it to other friends for the next year. The captain took us to one of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean Sea which had always calm and quiet coves. The size of the boat has allowed everyone to live comfortably despite the presence of so many young people and children. The entire crew was kindly and willingly. Well-maintained boat but it needs a refit that, it was told me, will take place during the next winter. Overall, a nice experience to live with the whole family 03.09.2013
R.D. United Kingdom/London 7.6 / 10 Moss
Like: Please see my email
Thank you Dislike: -Boat was not fully ready for charter
-Lots of electrical issues
-Captain not confident with the boat 12.08.2019
Hans Bethge Germany/Hamburg 8.6 / 10 Yuce Bey
A dream vacation that has thrilled our whole family in a unique island world! Like: A beautiful, older, but well-maintained gulet in wooden construction. The service on board. The route through beautiful nature and small picturesque villages was particularly fascinating on the island of Simi. Steward Bilal, was a unique tip. Dislike: The odor (probably gray or black water) was sometimes extremely annoying. The night's sleep was often disturbed.
The air conditioning was only an hour before going to bed, then it was quickly too hot again. Why could not she run continuously?
The captain was very competent and navigated us safely. He was often invisible and not very communicative. 02.09.2019
Rindy Northrop 9 / 10 Blue Cruise
How can I thank you?! The "Blue Cruise" gulet and Captain Ali were better than I imagined. EVERYONE had a magnificent time. Many said it was a trip of a life time. A life changer. They were so happy to be introduced to Turkey both in Istanbul and along the southern coast by boat. Many want to go back to get to know Turkey better. All think the Turkish people are extremely friendly and are especially grateful to you. The gulet "Blue Cruise" was in pristine condition. My friend Charles Perini who does a lot of very fine rebuilding of houses and owned a wooden boat, said that he had never seen such a good varnish job. Every thing looked brand new from the covering on the cushions to the deck floor to the ropes. The crew was constantly cleaning the gulet. And the two younger men, Jacob and Ukfar (spelling) never let an empty glass or cup of coffee sit for more than a minute. They were always smiling, especially Jacob. Hussein was chopping vegetable, etc., from morning till night and produced a variety of wonderful dishes. The second week menu was even somewhat different from the first week. Fish three times a week. We cannot eat the tomatoes available here in the US after all those Turkish fresh tomatoes. And then of course there is Captain Ali!!!! I loved him. I had asked you to find not only a good gulet but a captain who knew the coast. Early on I told Ali that we really would like to be anchored for lunch and the night is places where there were less people and gulets. He found the most amazing little coves. We were able to go swimming and snorkeling several times a day in coves to ourselves. Also, he got us to places of interest before the crowds, such as Cleopatra Island. Smart man. And he has a sense of humor. And he was really sweet with Elsa, my four year old grand daughter. As you know, Elsa and Ira had a birthday which we wanted to celebrate on Sunday the 23rd. The crew decorated a cake and big platter and Ali gave Elsa a present.... a pretty little bracelet. Magical. 29.07.2013
Nilüfer.Ü Switzerland/Bern 10 / 10 Baris S
We left the boat with very good memories Like: Barış captain and his friend served very well
The food was delicious, the service was perfect, the boat was great, they did their best 10.08.2020
Jacapo Nava Italy/Milano 10 / 10 Grace
Great first experience for my family and I. Visited lovely places. I recommend Grace 1 if you are searching space, peace and top service on board. 26.08.2019
Traudl Bergau 9 / 10 Dreamland
We (2 families) of 10 adults and 3 babies under 2 years had a very, very nice, relaxing week on the yacht Dreamland. Our security concerns were unnecessary, because the railing was secured with a net and in proportion to other gulets our one was with a large foredeck gave the children enough run. At least 5 sitting and sleeping areas provided enough retreat. The crew - especially Ali ! - Is very friendly and helpful. The captain was very friendly to our needs regarding the route and the berths . The food was delicious without restriction. I even got a great Happy Birthday cake as a gift from the crew .
The Agency guletyacht - Erkan Ari - was very friendly and helpful. It was just strange that you stated sports equipment like surfboards as available on the Internet, although the yacht has only canoes on board and as we found later, in your own website this also indicates as correct. If we had known that, we would like to have ordered a surfboard separately. The Agency should perhaps specify the fringe benefits of gulets not all same but check individually for each gulet. 27.08.2013
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KNOWLEDGE - Knowledge is not confined to the yacht, it is a broad subject area covering everything from charter location, routes, chefs and food sources, weather and sea conditions as well as a personal knowledge of yacht owners and crews. Knowledge also includes all the esoteric demands that our customers require and the ability to source and supply those demands.

EXPERIENCE - We have years of experience behind us. We have worked in the industry as well as provided brokerage services to thousands of customers. Our offer an exceptional brokerage service to select clients in specific locations. Real experience is focused on location, the tourism industry and the knowledge of yachts, captains, and their crews.

RECOMMENDATIONS - Our real recommendations from people that can be contacted. Charter reviews prove that all the experience, knowledge and reliability are founded in fact and action. Please feel free to ask for contact details of our references from your region & country to get information about our company from them.

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Tailor-made and customize holidays to the individual clients, Guletyacht.net provides bespoke yacht charter to ensure that all your requirements for your charter are fulfilled. So, don't hold back, contact Guletyacht.net, realize your dreams.

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In Guletyatch.net fleet, it has been rendering service in Turkey, Greek Islands and Croatia with over 450 gulets for charter. The following gulets are selected yachts that our guests who chartered in the previous years liked at most and for which we issue 100% satisfaction guarantee with its quality and crew.

Tips & Articles

A comprehensive guide for planning a perfect yacht charter vacation.

The Advantages of Booking Early When you plan a gulet charter, it's always best to prepare as early as possible. Location, schedule and itinerary, yacht type, crew, and additional comfort requirements all need to be discussed and acknowledged ahead of time. However, these are not the only actions that must be prepared.
What To Consider Before Chartering There are some key issues to factor into your decision-making process, and they are comprehensive. The reasons for this is that a truly wonderful experience can only be reached when concise pre-planning has been made to meet all your demands. An exceptional experience is based on a tailor-made contract, which is not a generic commercial approach.
Life On Yachts If you have not been on a traditional cruise on board a Gulet yacht, you have surely missed something! Unlike large ship cruises, a Gulet yacht cruise brings to you the simple, yet beautiful pleasures of life. Such cruises are not just about sun, sand and sea. They are also about exploring the beauty and bounty of nature, unravelling history, getting a taste of the local culture and cuisine with having the time of your life!
Turkish Gulets The traditional Turkish Gulet is a handmade vessel crafted from wood by highly skilled master craftsmen. Also known as motor sailors, Gulets are extremely comfortable and ideal for long sea voyages as well as inshore coastal trips. The origin of Gulets can be traced back to the Bodrum area in Turkey but the growth of a demanding market led to their construction being started in Bozburun, Marmaris, Fethiye and Istanbul. High quality and durable wood such as teak, maun and iroko are chiefly used to construct beautiful and sturdy Gulets.
Turkey to Greek Islands The Eastern Mediterranean is rightly one of the best destinations for tourists wanting to enjoy a gulet cruise. The Turquoise Coast, as the stretch of the coastline of South West Turkey and the neighboring Greek Islands, has become known, is the perfect place to relax and watch the world go by. The blue skies of summer are only matched by the warm, blue waters that invite you to swim. Whether you have taken a yacht vacation before or not, read on to learn more about the Dodecanese Islands of Greece which have become a favorite amongst clients wanting to sail away to enjoy a stunning environment.
Gulet Charter Turkey Located in the East Mediterranean sea, Turkey is one of the best yachting holiday hot spots in the world. Renting a private gulet in Turkey is a fantastic way to experience the stunning Turkish coastline with all of its classical ruins, water sport sports, timeless cuisine, and secluded bays best experienced from the water.
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