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Yacht Charter Crew

All our yachts come with highly skilled, professionally qualified Captains and crews.

Yachts come with an assortment of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Each crew member has a specific designation and focus, and they all make up one cohesive team that works together in comprehensive operational integrity.

Every yacht’s owner picks the Captain first and then relies on the Captain to pick his or her crew. The reason for this is to assure that there is no friction between any of the crew members and the Captain.

A perfect yacht charter is not about the yacht, it is about the crew. With an exceptional crew, any yacht will transform into an unforgettable experience.

Before you make a choice of yacht, you must consult us first to assure that the vacation type you are seeking and the specific demands you require will be met by the perfect crew for you.

The size of a yacht’s crew usually equals the number of passengers, since it is made up fo two teams, the passenger satisfaction team and the yacht management team.  The difference between the two teams is that the passenger satisfaction team is made up of a crew member that come in direct contact with the passengers on a daily and routine basis, while the yacht management team is comprised of engineers and maintenance staff that manage the craft and assure you of a smooth and successful voyage.


The captain of a yacht is the highest command and is, in fact, the “CEO” of your experience. Unlike a hotel manager, a yacht Captain has certain maritime rights conferred on his status by international law that can outweigh passenger decisions when the captain ascertains that the decision will endanger the passenger, other passengers, the crew and the yacht. As such, while the captain will always seem jovial and accommodating, he/she is also in command and must be treated with respect.

When issues arise with crew members, you are requested to take the issue up with the captain and not deal with the crew member personally.  


All yachts employ a professional chef that can create any recipe you desire. Of course, you will need to make sure that the chef has the ingredients first. In many instances, where special menu items are required, it is in your best interest to let the captain know before the yacht sails, so the chef has time to requisition the necessary ingredients. 

The chef is one of the crew members that are in direct contact with you, and the passengers at all times during your vacation.


All luxury yachts employ a stewardess, she is a mix of a receptionist, cleaning, and room service as well as providing special services such as manicures. In the more luxurious yachts, more than one steward or stewardess is on board, and some of them provide massages as well as other entertainment services. 

The steward/stewardess is one of the crew members that are in direct contact with you, and the passengers at all times during your vacation.

Interior and Deck Crew (Deck Hands)

These are the “sailors,” they perform many tasks that can either interact with the passengers, such as providing bartender services, waiting for services and sport support services. They also perform general yacht duties including cleaning, shift duty and all forms of manual labor that the captain will seem fit to require.

In most cases, the deckhands interact with the passengers, but not all the time since they have yacht duties to perform apart from designated passengers duties.


These are the crew members in charge of the engine and systems, they are not in contact with the passengers, and they must assure that the yacht performs perfectly during the entirety of your vacation.


Put your Tipping is important, but it must not be personal. Tips should be collective for the entire crew, even if you had a great experience with one particular member of the crew, remember that all the crew works together in a harmonious operational relationship to provide you with the ultimate experience.

Tips should be given to the captain, who will split them between the crew. If there is a specific crew member you wish to commend with a bigger tip, let the captain know, and he/she will deal with the personal commendation.

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