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Yacht Charter Accommodation

Have you ever wondered what a presidential or royal suite looks like in the Ritz or Waldorf Astoria? Well, I can assure you they can be nothing when compared to the exuberance and decadence of a luxury yacht suite.

A luxury yacht suite can be anything from a plain shared berth for economy packages or for kids, to royalty suites that indulge your every whim and fantasy. Yachts might vary in size, but don`t let their size fool you, some of the smaller yachts are highly decorated. Obviously, the larger the yacht, the larger the room size possible for more guests.

Some of the main features you will enjoy when settling into your yacht charter accommodation might include access to a private deck, and some suites will include extra large, or even wall-sized windows, king sized beds, large wardrobes and even two room suites, a bedroom and a private lounge. Each yacht boasts a different decorative style such as  Louis XIV, Scandinavian and eclectic amongst a vast range of options to choose from.

Most yachts will accommodate anywhere between 8 and 12 guests (or more), and they might include more than one special cabin. Some yachts will have a master cabin and a couple of VIP suites. It is important for you to provide us with exact requirements. With over a thousand yachts to choose from, we can match one of our yachts to your specific needs. 

Contact us with your specific requirements and let us begin to match the number of luxury yacht suites to the vision in your dreams.

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