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What to Take on Your Yacht Charter Vacation

The comprehensive checklist of items you should consider taking.

You have booked your charter, signed the contract, given all your requests and demands. You have even spoken to the captain and the chef, and you are now preparing for your vacation. Here is a comprehensive checklist of items you should consider taking. As a general rule of thumb, going on a luxury gulet yacht charter gives you more flexibility and freedom to bring more personal items than when going to a five-star resort.

Here are the essentials:


You must consider the size of the yacht you are chartering and the number of passengers. Yachts, even when large, have restricted storage space. So when you pack, take this into consideration. 


Since the Mediterranean, Aegean and Adriatic seas all great for weather, you should still a factor in those cool sea nights that are more extreme the closer you are to land. So when packing your clothes, take a jacket or light sweater just in case you decide to stay out after midnight.


Yachts are barefoot affairs. You can bring tennis shoes or “white sole” shoes. Do not bring crocs, since they slip on wet surfaces.


We advise you bring very accessory you desire, including sunglasses, sun shades, headwear, SF cream, mosquito cream for when you go landside and all the additional cosmetic aids you usually take when going on a holiday.

Sports Equipment

You should bring your personal scuba and diving gear, just check first what the yacht has on board, such as compressed air.  Skis and other sporting equipment, even bicycles for those eland side sports lovers, is OK to bring. Again, factor in the size of yacht you are chartering.


Bring your smartphones, tablets and pads and any other electronic gadgetry you prefer to have close by.


If you require special medication, bring it. If you have special dietary requirements, talk to the chef before bringing whatever you need.

Don`t forget your passports, international driving license, and any scuba certificates.

Do not bring 

Expensive jewelry and items you are worried will get damage in the sea-water environment.

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