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Gulet Construction

Completely tailor-made, unique...

The headquarter of our company is in Bodrum where the highest quality and the best wooden yachts of the World are produced. Moreover, our branches and agencies that are near Bozburun region which has recently made a name for itself in the wooden yacht construction, use the advantage of our location for our customers who demand a new yacht production, in the best way they can.

We would like to express that, as a company, we will provide the highest level of professional support for the construction of the yacht of your dreams.

As soon as you contact us for the construction of a new yacht, we will start a process that is completely carried out systematically in the light of our previous experience and that is difficult but produces a beautiful result.

First of all you need to decide on the purpose of the yacht you wish to get constructed. Do you want a commercial wooden yacht, or are you looking for a high level of comfort for your family and guests or a sail fanatic? It is possible to add further details to these criteria and produce a lot more different alternatives that are out of ordinary. After having made our decision on this subject, by agreeing upon the necessary technical details, budget and time planning we can start the gulet construction process.

But we would like to especially state that construction of a new yacht is a long process that demands patience. Moreover the budget is relative in direct proportion to the materials and equipment. Therefore, before going for the agreement process, we recommend you to specify all the possible details and write them down.

Planning and Project Design

When we compare the custom production yachts with the mass production yachts, their most characteristic feature that comes to the forefront is that they are all unique. However much the appearance of the wooden gulets look similar, their technical features, the equipment used, furniture, decoration and the floorings are different from one another.

In line with your opinions, the process starts with the drawing of the architectural draft project by our company. Of course everything should be as you imagined but if some technical issues are not possible; our engineers will guide you as needed. It shouldn`t be forgotten that the technical performance and safety of a yacht is at least as important as its decoration and appearance.

Our engineer presents you the three dimensional drawings showing the outer appearance of the yacht by including the details about the power, comfort, mechanics, motor and electricity. This work can continue for a few days until an agreement is reached and if necessary your architect can present you new drawings again and again. Thanks to this, by calculating the fine details before the production, the errors that may occur during the production process are prevented.

By presenting you multiple architecture alternatives during this process, our company will make a contract with the architect whom you decided on.

Contract and Starting the Construction

After this step, a representation agreement will be signed between you and our company for the construction and the other legal procedures. During the construction process, tracking and the responsibility of the matters such as ensuring that the material that is used is not other than that was contracted, that the production is completed within the period that was promised, will be under our company`s control.

As long as the production continues, even if you are in another city or country, our company will present you the progress with photographs from time to time and will allow you to track all the progress.

Yacht production is a long and difficult process that cannot be explained in a few sentences. To have more detailed information about this, please don`t hesitate to contact us.

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