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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any question related to yacht charter, gulets, life on yachts or any related? We have prepared extensive information about our services. Did you try the search module above? Just write to some keywords to find an answer. However, still can't you find the answer you are looking for? Please use the module on the right side to submit your question. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Which itinerary is the best?

It is hard to say. Many people do the cruise once every year. So they change itinerary and scenery. For a first timer, click for seeing all suggested itineraries. Read

Who decides the Itinerary?

We advise you decide, let your captain decide, or a combination of both. Bounce from island to island each day, or park up and relax in the same place for a few days, ultimately it's your choice. We... Read

Why Charter a Private Gulet Yacht?

Chartering a private gulet offers you ultimate in comfort, privacy, and flexibility on the menu, itinerary, provisioning. The Gulet and crew are dedicated only to your party. On our fleet, you can cho... Read

Will my family and office be able to reach me on charter?

The majority of luxury yachts have a satellite phone and internet capability (sometimes there is a charge for this service) and most charter destinations have cell/mobile phone service available. Addi... Read

Will my privacy be respected?

Charter yachts are accustomed to entertaining prominent guests and celebrities onboard. The professional crew are discreet and will maintain a low profile waiting on you from the moment you board appe... Read

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