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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any question related to yacht charter, gulets, life on yachts or any related? We have prepared extensive information about our services. Did you try the search module above? Just write to some keywords to find an answer. However, still can't you find the answer you are looking for? Please use the module on the right side to submit your question. We will be happy to answer your questions.

What time can we board the yacht?

The official time for your yacht being ready and available to the board is 15:30 and 17:00. Using your arrival information on the crew list we’ll ask the captain to have the yacht ready earlier but... Read

What type of vessel should I charter?

The Guletyacht.net has a very large and very diverse selection of charter yachts – with access to more than 400 finest charter vessels in the Mediterranean and Adriatic. This allows us to present you... Read

When do I make the final payment for my Charter?

Charter agreements can differ slightly for particular yachts, but in general, your balance and other relative costs are due at least 30-days prior to the commencement of your charter. Read

When is the best time to go?

Almost every one of the Mediterranean’s pre-eminent charter regions is influenced by the seasons: there are the good times to be there, and the not so good. This again is where the Guletyacht.net’s ex... Read

Where are the best places to sail?

There are destinations that are better suited to skippered yacht charters in general, though you should also balance this by considering the destinations that appeal to you in terms of the cultural an... Read

Which currency I can use during the holiday?

TURKEY: During the payments, you can use Turkish Lira, US. Dollars, Euro or English pounds. The exchange rates for foreign currencies are published daily. Eurochecks can be cashed immediately as can t... Read

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