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What is APA? How is it calculated?

Category: Yacht Charter

The rental fee usually only includes the rental of the yacht and the crew, and all other costs are included in the charter fee. Each charterer has different needs and wishes.

APA or Advance Provisioning Allowance is a standard arrangement to cover your expenses on yacht charters.

This is a simple and hassle-free way to create a small cashier account for the captain of your ship tenant to cover operating expenses such as boat, food, wines, liquor, communications, port charges, ship and fuel spent for ship transfers. Special demands and coincidences from you. The captain will make all payments from this account and must keep all receipts and balance the account for you. There are no signs in APA and you can review the spending level at any time.

The credit remaining at the end of your luxury charter will be fully refunded in cash and in the same way any average payment will be paid to the captain before boarding the yacht. Your captains should warn you if it seems to exceed your APA, so no surprises.

The APA amount is estimated and is calculated as a percentage of the rental fee, which is 20-25% for a yacht and 30-35% for a super luxury yacht, depending on the travel price and the number of passengers.

Under MYBA Terms, the APA will be paid as of the date of the final charter payment. This allows the captain and crew to plan and personalize your statute before your arrival.

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