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Eleonora Monti Ege Gunesi 8.6 / 10
We rented Ege Gunesi for 10 persons and with the suggestion of Captain we sailed into the Gulf of Gokova. The gulet has a capacity for 12 persons but it would be a bit 'tight, but it's great for 10! The crew was very helpful and attentive! Also good cuisine, traditional Turkish dishes and international foods.
Liza Du Toit Ceo 3 9.6 / 10
The boat cruise on the Ceo 3 surpassed our expectations, our crew was good humoured and attentive, the food was thoughtfully prepared and delicious, and the scenery was pristine and beautiful. Our agent (Erkan Ari) was very helpful, he answered all our emails promptly and was always available, he went out of his way to make the trip unforgettable for all of us. I recommend this agency and the Ceo 3 without hesitation, it was truly an unforgettable experience, one we hope to repeat in years to come.
Oliver Sernet Berrak Su 9.3 / 10
We had a wonderful time on Berrak Su, the crew was very nice especially Hatish who was really lovely and prevented our every need. The boat was very confortable and the big enough for the 9 of us to have privacy whenever we needed.
The only down side might be the fact that we didn't have very good spots to anchor in and the fact the boat moved quite alot when attached (maybe because it was always anchored with only one anchor and only one rope? can't tell as I a don't sail!) But other than that, the Air Conditionning was on usually until 5:00 am which was not just quite enough as it was really hot but sufficient to sleep well part of the night.
I can't tell about any other downsides, we really had a very good time and the boat is very well cared for.
Thanks to the crew and to the Agency for beeing attentive to our needs.

Rindy Northrop Blue Cruise 9 / 10
How can I thank you?! The "Blue Cruise" gulet and Captain Ali were better than I imagined. EVERYONE had a magnificent time. Many said it was a trip of a life time. A life changer. They were so happy to be introduced to Turkey both in Istanbul and along the southern coast by boat. Many want to go back to get to know Turkey better. All think the Turkish people are extremely friendly and are especially grateful to you. The gulet "Blue Cruise" was in pristine condition. My friend Charles Perini who does a lot of very fine rebuilding of houses and owned a wooden boat, said that he had never seen such a good varnish job. Every thing looked brand new from the covering on the cushions to the deck floor to the ropes. The crew was constantly cleaning the gulet. And the two younger men, Jacob and Ukfar (spelling) never let an empty glass or cup of coffee sit for more than a minute. They were always smiling, especially Jacob. Hussein was chopping vegetable, etc., from morning till night and produced a variety of wonderful dishes. The second week menu was even somewhat different from the first week. Fish three times a week. We cannot eat the tomatoes available here in the US after all those Turkish fresh tomatoes. And then of course there is Captain Ali!!!! I loved him. I had asked you to find not only a good gulet but a captain who knew the coast. Early on I told Ali that we really would like to be anchored for lunch and the night is places where there were less people and gulets. He found the most amazing little coves. We were able to go swimming and snorkeling several times a day in coves to ourselves. Also, he got us to places of interest before the crowds, such as Cleopatra Island. Smart man. And he has a sense of humor. And he was really sweet with Elsa, my four year old grand daughter. As you know, Elsa and Ira had a birthday which we wanted to celebrate on Sunday the 23rd. The crew decorated a cake and big platter and Ali gave Elsa a present.... a pretty little bracelet. Magical.
Helmut Gerber Neptun 9.3 / 10
Wonderful and relaxing stay. Wonderfully organized by the Agency. Food was very good, designed for light summer cuisine. Lots of vegetables and fruit, everything was always delicious and fresh. Typical Turkish kebab dishes but for example lamb, veal or beef dishes one looks in vain in the luxury menu. Two lamb chops per week and (delicious) grilled fish were indeed very tasty, but were in the light of what Turkish cuisine actually can offer a little lean. For this price per person per day we would have expected a little more.
Darren Serhatbey 8.6 / 10
My printer is broken so I can't do the survey. But I can happily inform you that tat the highlight of the cruise was the very friendly and helpful staff and the beautiful freshly prepared food. Superb! Everybody who joined us has commented and we would certainly consider coming back!!
On that note...please price a private charter starting around 6th May 2013 for aound 6 or 7 days. We will require 12 berths and a vessel standard at least that of Serhatbey. Can you also let me have the details of the first mate from our cruise as I have said I will look him up on face book from time to time
Heiko K. Caner 4 9.6 / 10
We are already planning a new trip.
We had chartered the CANER IV from July 30 until August 6, 2011, embarking and disembarking in Rhodes. We sailed to small Greek islands, some of them uninhabited. The CANER IV is a wonderful and very elegant ship; she offers a lot of deck space, which we enjoyed very much. You have an excellent trained crew, doing everything to make our wishes become true. Although, most of the itinerary was somewhat unusual and unknown to Captain Saadettin, he immediately complied with all our ideas, making our trip a very unique one. Congratulations to the Chef Sener for his finest and creative Turkish cuisine. Soner pampered us from morning to evening and we always had the impression being guests in the best sense of the word. Last, but not least, the other three crew members Gürhan, Bilow (?) and Mustafa also did everything to make our stay on board a most enjoyable one. Thank you very much for a wonderful experience; we are already planning a new trip. Kind regards H.Klein

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