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Bodrum to South Greek Islands (Luxury)

Cabin Charter - Luxury Gulet with A/C

  • 7 Nights
  • All Inclusive
  • Crewed
  • A/C
  • Shared
  • No Pets
1 Day


Boarding starts at 15:30 from Bodrum Harbor. Your captain and crew will be waiting for you on board.

After drop up your luggage to the yacht, this is a perfect time to visit this wonderful city and enjoy your first taste of Bodrum. Bodrum is a jewel surrounded golden sunsets and azure waters. You really should partake in all the local cuisine, cultural attractions and visit the waterfront outside the famous Bodrum Castle, built from the stones of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. It houses an amazing underwater archeology museum and is a must see when in Bodrum.

Spend the first night on board in Bodrum harbor or depart for Kos.

2 Day

Kos Island

Depart for Kos early morning and arrive in Kos Harbor, which is overlooked by the old town and the Crusader Castle of the Knights of St. John. Palm-lined cobblestone streets, lush greenery, and many ancient monuments and excavations are within walking distance in every direction, not to mention the charming old town labyrinth of shopping streets, cafes and restaurants.

History buffs will be thrilled with the number of ancient sites to explore on the island, most of which are concentrated in the town center but still remain quiet spots shaded by soaring ancient trees. Kos has a municipality train that takes you to the sites that are further out. Ancient sites on Kos to Explore include:


Kos Island was home to Hippocrates, who is now dubbed as the ‘Father of Modern Medicine’. The Asklepion was built in the 3rd Century BCE after Hippocrates’ death. Dedicated to Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing, the Asklepion was an ancient medical clinic that is largely in ruins today.

Ancient Agora

The Ancient Agora is a good example of typical marketplaces in Ancient Greece. However, it wasn’t only used as a marketplace; there are also remains of Roman baths here, the temples of Aphrodite and Hercules, and examples of houses with some mosaics and frescoes still intact.

Plateia Planou

The shady cobbled square of Plateia Planou is home to the remains of the Hippocrates Plane Tree, the site at which Hippocrates is said to have taught his students.

Casa Romana

The Casa Romana is a Roman mansion with 36 rooms that was built in a style popular throughout the Roman Empire in the 2nd Century BCE. It was built on top of the ruins of an older house from the Ancient Greek Hellenistic Period. The mansion is also the site of several impressive frescoes including one that depicts a panther attacking a bear.

Roman Odeon

The Ancient Romans built this structure, which was acoustically designed to accommodate singers, musicians, and poets. The Romans used this particular Odeon however for gladiator fights. The original Roman Odeon has been restored, making it a great venue for modern performances. Note that the first 9 rows or so are part of the original structure. 

Nisyros Island

Cruise in the afternoon to Nisyros. In the center of the Dodecanes group of islands you will find Nisyros island. This small island is volcanic but full of vegetation and has a rich history and culture. There are approximately 1,000 inhabitants and the there is still an active volcano in the center, called Stefanos crater. The town of Mandraki has a lovely port and this picturesque village is filled with tourists visiting the natural beauty of this island. There are many small coves to anchor off, or you can just visit Mandraki and enjoy the whitewashed houses with blue windows that stand out form a clear blue sky and warm brown mountainside. 

Dinner and overnight stay will be in Nisyros Island. 

3 Day

Tilos Island

Between Kos and Rhodes in the Dodecanese lies the small island of Tilos. Nestled between two giants, this lovely spot is quieter than its two neighbors. The main town to start in is Livida, where the port will greet you with few facilities. There is a ghost town nearby called Mikro Chorio, and the beaches along the coastline are relatively quiet and raw.

4 Day

Ano Symi (Symi Island)

The Island of Simi is nothing less than enchanting and a truly romantic destination. Stunning neoclassical mansions characterize the main harbor, decorating the hillside down to the waters edge with their facades painted in a variety of colors. With rich traditions rooted in mythology still thriving today, the beauty and atmosphere of Simi are truly remarkable Neoclassical mansions and abandoned captains houses, cobblestone courtyards and pebbled mosaics give an aura of nobility to the island while the bougainvillea flowers add a bright touch to the romantic atmosphere.

 Climb the 500 stone steps that lead to the old commercial street of the island. Stroll around the Kalderimi, the stone bridge that connects the two sides of the village, known as the Bridge of Love, and observe the famous shipbuilders of Simi at the small Harani shipyard, who uphold Simi’s ancient shipbuilding traditions.

Cruise to the island’s western side and the peaceful setting of the Panormitis Monastery of the Archangel Michael with its Byzantine frescos. Enjoy a swim break at the Bay of St. George, before entering the harbor.

5 Day


Depart Simi harbor and sail into the Gulf of Hisarönü re-entering Turkey at the fishing village of Bozburun. It is home to a small but modern marina and the town is famous for its shipbuilding industry. This is where some of the worlds finest wooden boats and Gulets are fabricated. This is a quiet port town, and the way to reach it is as picturesque as the town itself. Then we will cruise north to Ciftlik Bay, a hidden cove with a small sandy beach, halfway up the Datca peninsula.


Early evening set sail to picturesque resort of Datça. Enjoy a stroll through town, which offers some lovely cafes and shops. Renowned for its natural beauty and climate, this town provides a window into the life of rural Turkey of 50 to 100 years ago. Village life is still based on agriculture, fishing, and the building of traditional wooden gulet yachts. Pine, oak, and myrtle filled mountains plunge down to a serene beach and two natural harbors.

6 Day

Knidos (Cnidus)

Sail to the site of Knidos, the meeting point of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Knidos is famous in antiquity for the cult of Aphrodite started there. Situated at the end of the Datca peninsula, this Dorian city was built on terraces rising to the Acropolis. Straddling the peninsula, it had a harbor on either side and flourished during the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods. The site was excavated in 1857 by C. T. Newton and from 1967 by Iris Love. Famous as a center of art and culture in the 4th century BCE, Knidos was established at the same time that Halicarnassus was, as one of the 6 Dorian colonies in Asia Minor. It seems to have kept a purer Greek character, no doubt because it set its sights seaward and had little contact with the interior. Around 360 BCE, the city was rebuilt at the windblown tip of the peninsula, banking on the fact that a good harbor at the outer corner of Asia Minor would become a popular calling-port for ships on the Aegean - East Mediterranean transit routes. The rocky island facing the shore at the new site was joined to the mainland with a causeway, creating 2 deep harbors on either side of the isthmus:  one on the Aegean and the other on the Mediterranean. The island section held the residential quarters, a series of colonnaded walkways rose in tiers on the land.  2  large theaters, an Odeon and 3 temples completed what must have been a striking ensemble in the midst of a desolate crag. The remains of a circular temple dedicated to the goddess of love Aphrodite overlook remains of the two harbors: the arcaded way was built of white marble heart-shaped columns. The legendary Aphrodite of Praxiteles statue, reputedly one of the most beautiful sculptures of the antiquity, once graced this temple. The city was renowned as one of the most beautiful in ancient Greece.

Mersincik Bay

From here, sail to Mersincik in the Gulf of Gokova; a stunning bay ringed with high mountains and woods, its clear waters and seclusion make it a favorite spot for spending the night.

On the southern side of Datca, surrounded by forests, is the amazing Mersincik Bay. With yellow sand beaches and the clearest of blue waters, this is one of the yachting scenes favorite stops in the area. The locals call it Mersincik Limanı, and you will enjoy plunging into these waters as you take a short respite from sailing.

7 Day

Kisebuku (Alakisla Buku)

Kise Buku (known locally as Alakisla Buku) is a cove located only 3 miles away from Orak Island, and it is named after the ruins of an old church found in the area. This is a large cove and is a must stop for Blue Cruises. Here you will get a chance to enjoy some of the local attractions, including the ruins of the church in the cove, are Yalikoyu, Akarca, Fork, the Summerhouse, Bath and Cistern. The whole area is surrounded by Oleander trees and the view of the cove from uphill is awe inspiring. After enjoying your walk and exploration, take some time to enjoy the cool waters of the sea before retiring to relax on board your yacht.

Orak Island

One of the best locations for marine life is Orak Island. This lovely island is only 10 miles sail from Bodrum and the clear waters invite you to dive in and swim amongst the inhabitants of the sea. Orak has a lot of good anchor places, with plenty of secluded coves.

Aquarium Bay (Adabogazi)

Akvaryum Bay is a pristine cove with long sandy beaches and aquamarine waters. This amazing bay located between Bitez and Gumbet provides an amazing respite during your Blue Cruise voyage. Enjoy a relaxing respite in an explorable cove within the bay area and watch as ducks and geese join you in these amazing waters. Dinner and overnight stay will be Aquarium Bay.

8 Day

The guests are gently asked to leave the boat by 10:30 after breakfast. 

* Please note that; depending on sea and weather conditions, captain reserves the right to make necessary changes to the tour itinerary to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.


Please select a departure date and number of cabins on the booking module to see the price.

  • Luxury Gulet with A/C
  • 7 Night - 8 Days
  • Saturday
  • Bodrum Harbor
  • 15:30
  • Bodrum Harbor
  • 10:30 After Breakfast
  • Included in The Prices
  • Yacht insurance (We advise you to take out your own individual travel insurance)
  • Full Board accommodation: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea/coffee & cookies, dinner
  • All charter & berth taxes, Harbour & Port procedures
  • Transit log & related formalities for the shipping agents
  • Mooring expenses
  • Crew service
  • Ship water
  • Diesel & Gasoline expenses
  • Clean bed linen and bath towels on arrival (Beach towels are not provided)
  • Use of equipment on board. (Flippers, snorkel and fishing tackle etc.)
  • V.A.T.
  • Greek Island harbor fees
  • Arrival transfer from Bodrum airport on arrival day
  • Beer, wine and soft drinks
  • Not Included in The Prices
  • Nominal charges for other drinks on board will be incurred.
  • Optional land tours and entrance fees to historical places and museums.
  • Individual port taxes on arrival and departure in Turkey & also Greece.
  • No child discount is available in this itinerary
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Bodrum to South Greek Islands (Luxury) Luxury Gulet with A/C
Bodrum to South Greek Islands (Luxury) Luxury Gulet with A/C

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