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Fethiye Greek Islands Fethiye

Cabin Charter Gulet Cruises Fethiye Greek Islands Fethiye Cabin Charter Tour Programme
Day 1 - Fethiye
Fethiye Greek Islands Fethiye - Day 1 Boarding starts at 15.30pm from Fethiye Harbour. While you settle in, dinner will be served on the yacht and we will stay overnight on board at Fethiye Port.

Fethiye, which was known as Telmessos in the ancient times, was the most important city situated on Lycia's western border with Caria. It is believed that the city derived its name from Apollo's son, Telmessos. The city became a part of Ottoman Empire in 1924. The name changed many times over the years and was eventually named Fethiye in 1914 after the first Turkish Air Force Officer who was called Fethi Bey, crashed his plane and died here whilst on duty. In the south of the town you will see many famous tombs and graves from the ancient times and one of the most famous and most beautiful stone tombs is the tomb of King Amyntas. The ruins belonging to a theatre, which were recovered during the excavation carried out by the museum recently is located at the city centre.
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Day 2 - Rhodes Island
Fethiye Greek Islands Fethiye - Day 2 After breakfast, take the afternoon boat to the Port of Rhodes. The trip is dependent on the weather conditions. You can sail directly or stop over for a break midway. Rhodes does have a great historical importance after the Knights of St. John's who stayed here centuries ago. Apart from being steeped in history, this place is also blessed with natural beauty. Discover the facts and myths about the mythological gods of the sea, the connection of this island with Helen and several other legends. Those who wish to visit the island can also enjoy a great cooking time. Dinner and overnight stay are arranged at the Port of Rhodes. Guests can also indulge in the vibrant nightlife entertainment until dawn!
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Day 3 - Symi Island
Fethiye Greek Islands Fethiye - Day 3 After breakfast the boat will move from the Port of Rhodes and cruise for approximately 2.5 hours to reach the Symi Harbour entrance. In Greek mythology, Symi has a reputation of being the birthplace of beautiful and attractive goddess. Colorful homes and terrific views of the island will never cease to amaze you. You can visit the island after lunch and come back to have dinner and for an overnight stay at Symi Island.
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Day 4 - Bozburun
Fethiye Greek Islands Fethiye - Day 4 After breakfast, the boat moves ahead and enters the Turkish waters of Bozburun, where you can enjoy a heart lunch and swimming. Here the boat is anchored for dinner and overnight stay.
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Day 5 - Kadirga Bay
Fethiye Greek Islands Fethiye - Day 5 The boat begins to sail to the island of Kadirga Bay after breakfast. Guests can enjoy swimming here while a delicious lunch awaits them on the shore. After the swimming and lunch break, the boat moves further to the Kadirga and a trip to the Marmaris harbor entrance can also be arranged according to the weather conditions.
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Day 6 - Ekincik , Dalyan
Fethiye Greek Islands Fethiye - Day 6 The boat reaches the Ekincik Bay at sunrise. Passengers can participate in a small river boat tour of Dalyan Caunos if they wish. While cruising on the river, they can spot the rock tombs carved into the mountains, right at the end of the beach. They can swim in the waters where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean. You can enjoy mud baths here too or watch the loggerhead turtles and their eggs. Dinner and overnight stay are arranged at Ekincik.
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Day 7 - Sarsala Bay , Bedri Rahmi Bay
Fethiye Greek Islands Fethiye - Day 7 After breakfast, the boats starts sailing towards the Gocek Bays of Sarsala and Bedri Rahmi. Here you can enjoy a nice swimming break and a scrumptious lunch. The Bedri Rahmi Bay is named after a famous artist who drew a large fish on a rock surface. This rock can be seen till date. It has become the official symbol of the bay and commemorates the work of the artist. In addition to the Fish Rock, you can also a few royal tombs dating back to ancient history. From here, the boat moves to the town of Fethiye, where guests can enjoy swimming and dinner and halt for the night.
Day 8 - Fethiye
Fethiye Greek Islands Fethiye - Day 8 The magnificent tour comes to a delightful end with a hearty breakfast on board. At 10 am, it is time to bid farewell to the boat staff and other guests and go back with happy and rich memories of the trip.
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